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EJ Towler Novels and Short Stories

Romance, Woman's Fiction, Dachund Rescue Storie

Admiral's Sons Trilogy

This series tells the stories of Retired Vice Admiral Henry Williams and his wife Martha’s three son’s Paul, Alexander and Maxwell.

Book One: Landings Touch and Goes

Navy Commander Paul Williams, always knew what was expected of him. Attend the Naval Academy, and continue in the family business to serve and protect his country. He focuses on his career earning the prized Wings of Gold as a Naval Aviator. He thinks nothing can top the exhilaration of maneuvering a Super Hornet jet at over 1000 mph in rapidly changing battle scenarios. That is until he meets the lavender-eyed, Air Force Lt. Colonel Jennifer Ryan.

Psychologist Lt. Colonel Jennifer Ryan’s well-organized life is in shambles. Her marriage of twenty years is over thanks to her husband’s lying and infidelity. Vowing to never be hurt again she works to build a new life with her twin daughters. Her plan is proceeding until fate seems to intervene as she repeatedly accidentally encounters Paul Williams.

With Paul soon deploying Jennifer sees no harm in a date or two. But both fall hard and fast. Soon they are thrown into a cat and mouse game with a stalker. Could it be one of Jennifer’s clients, someone from her past, or Paul trying to secure her love?

Book Two:

Major Alexander Williams also attends the Naval Academy, followed by medical school and specialized in obstetrics. His career and life are on track. When he meets Abigale at a friend’s cookout. He falls hard for the curvy, five-foot-eight woman whose smooth, tight, tan legs that seemed to go on forever.

Abigale turns down Alex’s repeated requests for a date. But when he persists, she finally says yes. But insists they can only be friends because she is three months pregnant. The father is not in the picture. But this plan falls short as they fall in love. But Abigale is hiding a terrible secret. Will her past lead to both their deaths?

Book Three

Maxwell the youngest and always the rebel attends Harvard graduating with a Ph.D. in Journalism. He adamantly refuses to join the military and never misses a chance to defy his father. With his waist length hair, full beard, and each of his government conspiracy novels climbing to number one on most of the bestseller lists; it seems he and Admiral Williams are always at odds. His life is just the way he likes it, simple, uncomplicated and no strings. At least he thinks it is until he crosses paths with a Marine who is also an eight generation Cajun healer.

Melany Vincent is both a Marine and Gold Star Wife. Her husband Peter died in Afghanistan. Her current assignment is as a family liaison officer helping families work through the process of burial and healing following the death of their loved one. Melany wants nothing to do with the arrogant writer who wants to use her families to write a book a further his career.