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EJ Towler Novels and Short Stories

Romance, Woman's Fiction, Dachund Rescue Storie

I hope you will enjoy reading Dachshund Rescue Stories

 Dachshunds may be two dogs long and half a dog high but they are mighty hunters! 

Can you please throw the ball just one more time after this one?

Hello, excuse me, do you see the snow?

At least you could give me a sweater, maybe some boots.

Guinevere - The Big Snow February 2015

Lady Guinevere passed away last month. We will miss our Sexy, Frosty Face Senior.

Rest in Peace Sweet Baby! 

There are many loving wiener dogs hoping for a Forever Home. EJ is currently writing the life stories of some of my friends who have found theirs. If you have a rescue "HOT DOG" who'd like to be interviewed. Have your Mommy or Daddy Dog send EJ a message. Maybe her readers will see your picture and read your story.

Brownie and Guinevere after a long day of playing.

Sir Elliott Lounge –A-Lot

One Dachshund’s Rescue Story

Hello my name is Sir Elliott Lounge-A-Lot. I’ll explain about my name later. I’m not quite sure of my age because the people who owned me lost me or threw me away. I’m not sure which. I am like many dogs that are placed for rescue each year. I do know I am a very sexy senior because my forever home Mom tells me so every day. We decided to share my story in hopes people might decide to adopt a frosty face senior of their own. So here goes.

About three years ago, I was wandering around Richmond, Virginia looking for a little snack. As dachshunds do. You know dogs need an afternoon snack, right? Well, if you don’t, and you have a dog, stop reading and give them a treat! I will be waiting right here when you get back.

Okay, here we go, back to my story. Where was I? Oh yes, I was wandering around Richmond. A large white and silver truck stopped directly in my path. A bald-headed man climbed out and asked me what I was up to.

He squatted in front of me. Looked me straight in the eyes and spoke like he expected me to answer. He asked, “Are you lost, little man? My name is Ed. What are doing in this alley all alone?”

I just stared back with my most pitiful face, letting my two little bottom teeth stick out on either side of my snout.

“You look like you could use a drink of water and a treat,” Ed continued gently picking me up.

He let me eat two cookies out of his hand. They were the soft and chewy kind, not hard, cheap biscuits. Next he put me in a little one room apartment on the side of his truck. It was more like a studio, actually. Even though the door was wire mesh, it was nice and warm. There was a soft, fluffy blanket for me to curl up in. I could also hear classical guitar music floating through the whole truck. What didn’t you know dogs liked music? Well just so happens we do.

I curled up in the blanket and fell fast asleep. Dachshunds so love our naps. When the truck stopped I woke up and stretched. But quickly came to full alert. I knew exactly where I was, a veterinarian’s office. I could tell by the smell. They all have the same stench.

I was surprised because the visit didn’t start out badly. A nice lady named Victoria gave me a warm bath and blew my black curly hair dry. In case you are wondering how I knew her name. I didn’t read her name tag she, told me. Let me tell you she had a sweet soothing voice. She talked to me all the time as she scrubbed by body and cleaned my ears.

After my bath the real fun started. Not! The vet and his apprentice Tom, a.k.a. the Devil, drew blood and poked me all over. I will spare you the details about the thermometer and the heartworm - test it is simply too embarrassing! Finally, Victoria saved me from the Devil. She nuzzled and whispered what a good little fellow I had been.

She fed me dinner, took me for a walk, and then carried me to my new apartment. This one was silver and had all the comforts of home: fresh water, food, soft blanket that smelled like flowers, and a nice flow of warm air. I was safe and could sleep soundly. There was no way I would miss the Ferrell cats howling, and carrying on all night on the streets. No way could a dog get a decent night’s sleep with all that going on.

I slept in the next morning. Victoria took me for a walk and then the Devil came for me. He and Dr. Fatheads gave me three shots and sprayed something in my nose. They told me I was a good little man. I wanted to be a wolf and bite their hands. But I remembered my manners.

The next three days were wonderful! My little apartment was cleaned each day. Room service delivered meals and water right on schedule. The weather turned cold and Victoria gave me a sweater. It was nice and warm even, though it was argyle. I certainly was glad Fred and Jacques the Dobermans were not in their apartment when I walked by. I would never have heard the end of it.

Day four brought about more fun than any dog should have to endure. Neutering! I never could figure out why they call it getting fixed? Plus they cleaned my teeth. The two procedures sound pretty bad, right? Well turns out the drugs rock! So now I do not have to worry about getting the ladies in a delicate situation, I have fresh breath, and a great buzz. The only downside was the clinic always played rock and roll music. I’m not complaining but I really like classical or jazz best.

One afternoon after my walk a lady who told me her name Judy came to see me. She explained she worked with DRNA. I just hoped it was not the place with all the guns. I sure did not want to have to hunt! Well, turns out it is not the National Rifle Association, but Dachshund Rescue North America.

From the beginning, my time with Judy was wonderful. My beloved classical guitar music was playing on the car radio. She took me to her house and there dachshunds everywhere! But I had the place under control in no time at all. The ladies liked me because I have a bit of French poodle in me. Third cousin removed, on my Dad’s side.

Judy explained she would be taking me to a foster home. Here is yet another term I didn’t understand. But I was learning to roll with the punches. I was off the streets of Richmond, with great meals and a warm bed. Judy drove me my new home. To say it was in the country is an understatement. I had arrived at Katie‘s Dachshund Rescue.

There were dogs of all sizes and shapes running around the fenced yard. Most of them were dachshunds. The only problem was they were all barking, just for the record barking is not bad but most dogs just do not know when to stop. In my humble opinion, it is just too much energy for so little reward. Unless I am in mortal danger, two or three barks are quite sufficient.

Once again there were lots of ladies for me to impress. I had another one-room apartment, even though it was in the huge garage with all the other dogs. We were free to come and go as we pleased. There was also the biggest yard I had ever seen. It was fun playing with my new friends and sleeping in the sun. Oh, in case you are wondering, there was country music playing on the radio.

I am not sure how much time passed when Joanne came for a visit and “adopted” me. All the other dogs were jealous I had been chosen. But it didn’t last. Joanne returned me because I would not play with her other dog.

What am I, a toy or something? Any way she took me back to Katie. It was embarrassing to go back! But I sucked it up and walked back to my apartment with my head held high.

Then I was selected again! But this did not work either. John said I didn’t like him. Because all I did was lay on the sofa and looked at him strangely. So once again I was back with Katie. Maybe now this would be my forever home.

One day a man with long hair and a beard and a lady that smelled like oranges came for a visit. They walked me around on a leash, sat with me on the grass, and even gave me treats. We went inside and cuddled on the couch. They talked to Katie. I was very excited. They really seemed to like me. Deep inside, I knew they were for me. The lady with brown pretty eyes, Elizabeth, rubbed me all over. The man with the beard, Bill, tickled my ears. I hoped I would leave with them. But that did not happen. They drove away in a white car.

As I watched out the front door, they drove away. I went back to my apartment and just laid there, wondering what was wrong with me. Maybe if I got my teeth fixed or changed my hair cut someone would adopt me.

I missed Elizabeth and Bill and wondered what it would be like to have a forever home with them. After a while I gave up hoping.

One Friday morning, Katie woke me early, gave me a bath and brushed my hair. She told me I had to look extra cute. Today I was going to my forever home. I was so excited and wondered who was coming to get me. For the rest of the day, I kept going to the front door and looking out.

I was so excited to see the little white car pull into the driveway. The lady that smelled like oranges got out of the car first. Then the man with the long hair and beard got out of a big truck. They held hands and walked toward the house. Could it really be they were coming for me?

Yes, they were taking me home. I didn’t even stop to say goodbye to my friends. I stayed in Elizabeth’s arms. The front seat of the car was ready for me. There was a soft blanket in a car seat. I could see out the window as we drove down the long drive. But better than that, there was a guitar case in the backseat. It had to be a sign.

We drove for what seemed like hours. Elizabeth kept one hand on me all time. She talked to me like she understood every word. Maybe she could speak dog. When we finally stopped, we were at a big house.

There were lots of people and two big dogs, Buddy and Buttercup. We said our hellos in typical dog fashion. There were also little people called granddaughters (whatever they are). They giggled, hugged, and petted me.

In my forever home I didn’t have an apartment. Elizabeth and I shared one big bedroom. I had a small kennel to get in when I wanted some my privacy or a nap. I had my own bowls for food and water. I loved it here! Bill came to visit every day.

The next week all sorts of things began happening. New people were coming and going, all the time. On Saturday Bill asked me to go for a ride. I got to wear a tuxedo coat, just like him, and a bow tie. Elizabeth made them for me.

I was not sure what was happening. Bill told me we were going to church. Elizabeth had on a long white dress with lots of lace. There was a huge celebration. People kept sneaking me treats. Others told me how handsome I was in my tux.

Nobody but Elizabeth and Bill had even called me cute before. When I was ready for a nap I just curled up under Elizabeth’s dress. When the festivities were over, all three of us went to our forever home.

That was three years ago. Now I have a bed in the living room, another in the kitchen, and a cubby in the laundry room. I can also sleep on the sofa or any place else I like. That’s where my name comes from. Mom says I lounge here for a while, lounge there for a while. I guess you get the picture. At night I sleep in the big bed with my human parents.

I know you are all wondering about the music? It turns out Bill plays classical guitar. I love to lie in my bed and listen to him play. He often plays a concert just for me.

So this is my story. If you think my journey was exciting, wait. There’s more. About two years after I found my forever home, Genevieve, a sexy smooth, red dachshund came to live with us. She had just escaped from Das Stalag, a dachshund puppy mill. Her story is really scary.

I hope you enjoyed my story, Sir Elliott Lounge-A-Lot!